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Twenty-six-year-old Amer (his name and some others in this article have been changed) is from an Indiana farming community home to just eight Muslim families.It wasn’t until college that he was thrown in with other Muslims his age.American Muslims are going through a similar transition, one that could profoundly change the Muslim experience in the United States.Unlike the Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe, most of these Muslim immigrants, the biggest groups of whom arrived in the 1970s, were from the middle and upper classes and came for a university education.In a very funny monologue performed at a Muslim Writer’s Collective open-mic event in February, 27-year-old New Yorker Nadia Iqbal describes the string of feckless suitors she encounters in her quest to find a Muslim mate. For multifaceted Muslims like Nadia —progressive, independent-minded, open to other lifestyles and worldviews, and fiercely attached to their own free will — it’s all part of the process.In a bit that brings the house down, she lampoons one digital Casanova who tries to lure her with the promise to treat her “like a princess”: “Inside of my head, I was like, that sounds awful! Curse me with eternal slumber until an interested man kisses me? She knows that modern romance requires that you kiss a few proverbial frogs before you match with the right person.

A pop-culture-and-tech-savvy millennial with liberal values and a strong attachment to her Islamic faith, she’s a hybrid of different identities. There was a lot of dialogue about relationships: How do you go about finding someone who is like you?But then she discovered a group of like-minded friends on a tiny listserv called “Mipsterz” — Muslim Hipsters — and began to create a community of her own.* “The listserv started as a joke,” she says — but it soon became much more. ” A year later, those conversations led Mubeen to create the website Hipster Shaadi, its name playing off the Indian matrimonial site, a favorite platform of immigrant parents wanting to fix up their American children with nice Muslim prospects back home.For millennial Muslims of South Asian extraction, Shaadi — with its tone-deaf profiles in awkward English and requests for “wheatish or fair complexions only” — is usually invoked as a punch line.I’m on an actual mission to create a culture shift around what’s considered appropriate.” The story of Bliss Marriage App — a “halal dating app” with the tagline “The right person for you can be a mosque away” — is also instructive.Originally marketed with a “guardian” feature that required a family member to be carbon-copied on messages between users, Aneesa Memon, the app’s 26-year-old founder, says the feature wasn’t included in the app’s final release because “it became apparent that it wasn’t necessary.

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